// Northbridge

Future Development

Northbridge Lifecare Trust is part way through the process of redeveloping sections of the Village.

The new buildings collect rain water for use in their grey water system and there is an extensive solar panel network contributing power to the building.

Stage I

Completed January 2018, this building comprises a single structure of 31 2-bedroom apartments and additional Village Facilities including an indoor heated pool, spa pool, gymnasium, movie theatre and billiards pavilion.

Stage II

Involved the planned demolition and then reconstruction of apartment buildings E and F adjacent to Akoranga Drive. Completed in October 2019 it comprises 3 levels of 2 bedroom apartments with basement car parking and a recreation room.

Stage III

This stage comprises the demolition and then reconstruction of apartment blocks  G and H adjacent to Akoranga Drive and Warehouse Way. There will be 5 levels of apartments with a mixture of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and basement car parking. The crane is in place with construction underway and the building is estimated to be completed early 2022.  A Day Pavilion is also being  constructed near this building.

When complete, we will have demolished 32 existing apartments and built approximately 108 new apartments. The number of new apartments may vary depending on the configuration of finalised plans.