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Northbridge Lifecare Trust was founded in December 1972 when the Trust Deed was incorporated under the Charitable Trust Act 1957. A group of forward-thinking Aucklanders identified that there was a need to provide secure accommodation for retired people and care for them for life.

In July 1973 the Board confirmed the purchase of the current site on Akoranga Drive which at that time was occasionally called College Block opposite what was then Teachers College, now AUT for $130,000. Another much smaller site was purchased in Howick but later resold to focus on the current site.

Interestingly the area we occupy was part of the Mahurangi Block sold in 1841 to Govoner Hobson. The 9,500 acres cost him £680 cash, 60 cloaks, 60 gowns, 2 cows, 6 horses, 4 casks, 400 pounds of tobacco, 6 bags of flour, 2 bags of rice, 1 bag of sugar, 200 pairs of trousers, 30 coats, 100 caps, 3 saddles & bridles, 1 vessel and a small boat. The whole amount valued at £1,500.

In November 1974 work commenced on building the first four apartment blocks comprising 32 dwellings along Akoranga Drive. The cost of purchasing an apartment was from $31,500 to $58,500.  Development of the village and care facility continued in a series of stages, being completed in 1983.  Three further apartment buildings were later completed in the early 1990’s. Today the village comprises 198 one and two bedroom apartment and 96-bed care facility.

The Trustees operate under the following principles and guidelines;

Fundamental Guiding Principles:

  •  The Board is bound overall by the Trust Deed
  • A commitment to provide affordable housing options.
  • A commitment to look after the people who come into Northbridge Apartments for their lifetime.
  • This entails providing a range of facilities and support services including recreational, Apartments, Serviced Apartments and Care Facility beds, on site.
  • To ensure sufficient financial reserves are maintained to meet our commitments.

Specific Social Development Guidelines:

  • We are committed to ensuring sufficient care beds are available to meet the demand from any future change in Apartments numbers.
  • In order to provide “Care for Life” we will aim to have flexible Care Facility configurations to be able to provide Rest Home, Hospital and Dementia Care.
  • We are committed to providing a range of recreation facilities for village residents that meet their physical and social needs. These will be reviewed regularly.